Section A : Agriculture, Hunting and Forestry
Division 01 : Agriculture, Hunting and Related Service Activities
Group Class Sub - Class Description
011     Growing of crops; market gardening; horticulture
  0111   Growing of cereals and other crops n.e.c.
    01111 Growing of food grain crops (cereals and pulses)
    01112 Growing of oilseeds including peanuts or soya beans
    01113 Growing of cotton and other vegetable textile fibre plants (Includes growing of plant materials for plaiting, padding or stuffing or brushes or brooms)
    01114 Growing of tobacco, including its preliminary processing
    01115 Growing of sugarcane or sugar beet
    01116 Growing of rubber trees; harvesting of latex and treatment on the plantation of the liquid latex for the purpose of transport or preservation
    01117 Growing of plants used chiefly in pharmacy or for insecticide, fungicidal or similar purposes ( Includes growing of opium and ganja)
    01118 Growing of Hina leaves [Mehandi]
    01119 Growing of other crops, n.e.c. (Includes g rowing of potatoes, yams, sweet potatoes or cassava; hop cones, chicory roots or roots and tubers with a high starch or inulin content; growing of seeds of a kind used for sowing, growing of forage plants including grasses and of crops not elsewhere classified)
  0112   Growing of vegetables, horticultural specialties and nursery products
    01121 Growing, in the open or under cover, of vegetables
    01122 Growing of horticultural specialties including: seeds for flowers, fruit or vegetables; un - rooted cuttings or slips; bulbs, tubers, tuberous roots, corns or crowns. Also includes growing of flowers or flower buds
  0113   Growing of fruit, nuts, beverage and spice crops
    01131 Growing of coffee or cocoa beans
    01132 Growing of tea or mate leaves including the activities of tea factories associated with tea plantations. (Processing by independent units is classified under class 1549)
    01133 Growing of edible nuts including coconuts
    01134 Growing of fruit: citrus, tropical pome or stone fruit; small fruit such as berries; other fruit such as avocados, grapes, dates or bread fruit etc. (Manufacture of wine, when done at the same location where the grapes are grown is included, by exception)
    01135 Growing of spice crops including: spice leaves (e.g. bay, thyme, basil); spice seeds (e.g. anise, coriander, cumin); spice flowers (e.g. cinnamon); spice fruit (e.g.cloves); or other spices (e.g. nutmeg, ginger). Also includes growing of betel leaves.
    01136 Gathering of berries or nuts etc
    01139 Growing of fruit, nuts, beverage and spice crops, n.e.c.
012     Farming of animals
  0121   Farming of cattle , sheep, goats, horses, asses, mules and hinnies; dairy farming [includes stud farming and the provision of feed lot services for such animals]
    01211 Cattle (including yak and buffalo) breeding, rearing and ranching etc.; production of raw milk and bovine semen (Production of butter, cheese and other dairy products as secondary activity does not change the classification of the unit)
    01212 Rearing of goats, production of milk
    01213 Rearing of sheep; production of shorn wool
    01214 Rearing of horses, camels, mules and other pack animals
  0122   Other animal farming; production of animal products n.e.c
    01221 Raising of pigs and swine
    01222 Raising of poultry (including broiler) and other domesticated birds; production of eggs and operation of poultry hatcheries
    01223 Raising of bees; production of honey
    01224 Raising of silk worms; production of silk worm cocoons (production of raw silk is classified under class 1711)
    01225 Farming of rabbits including angora rabbits
    01229 Other animal farming; production of animal products n.e.c. (Includes: raising in captivity of semi domesticated or wild live animals including birds and reptiles, operation of worm farms, land mollusc farms, frog farms etc.
013 0130 01300 Growing of crops combined with farming of animals (mixed farming). [This class includes crop growing in combination with farming of animals such as sheep or meat cattle at mixed activity units with specialisation ratio in either one of less than 66 percent. ( Mixed cropping or mixed livestock units are classified according to their main activity)]
014 0140   Agricultural and animal husbandry service activities, except veterinary activities.[This class includes specialized activities, on a fee or contract basis, mostly performed on the farm.]
    01401 Operation of irrigation systems
    01402 Soil conservation services, including soil testing and soil desalination services
    01403 Activities establishing a crop, promoting its growth or protecting it from disease and insects. Transplantation of rice in rice fields. Horticultural and nursery services.
    01404 Harvesting and activities related to harvesting, such as preparation of crop by cleaning, trimming, grading, drying, decorticating, retting, cooling or bulk packaging. Includes cotton picking
    01405 Cotton ginning, cleaning and baling
    01406 Renting of agricultural machinery with operators
    01407 Activities to promote propagation, growth and output of animals and to obtain animal products: artificial insemination, herd testing, poultry caponizing, coop cleaning, dung gathering etc. Sheep dipping and shearing, egg cleaning and grading, animal skinning and related activities. (Veterinary services are classified under class 8520)
    01408 Gardening activities
    01409 Other agricultural and animal husbandry service activities, n.e.c
015 0150 01500 Hunting, trapping and game propagation including related service activities
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